Stuart McIntosh

Stuart has spent the past sixteen years in the world of exotic vehicle sales, having managed two Aston Martin retail locations in the UK and two subsequent exotic locations in Los Angeles (Galpin Aston Martin/Jaguar/Lotus/Spyker and Aston Martin & Lamborghini Beverly Hills). In 2016, he was recruited by Aston Martin Lagonda to create a VIP and Special Project Vehicle Sales Department for Aston Martin The Americas, which he successfully set up, managed and became a top grossing revenue stream for Aston Martin Lagonda Limited. Stuart is incredibly excited to focus his many years of experience in the High Luxury Sports Cars Market to fashion a retail operation focused around interesting, rare and desirable sports cars.

Adam Camasta

Adam Camasta was born and raised in the exotic car mecca of southern California. From a young age, he has always had a passion for cars. He brings 12 plus years in the automotive industry to Motorcars LA. He has worked for both Ferrari and Lamborghini franchise stores in southern California and has runs his own wholesale company for the last 6 years buying and sell high-end luxury and exotics cars. His mission is to make the customer service his number one priority and exceed a client’s expectation of how easy and effortless selling a car is supposed to be. All while make long lasting relationships and future returning customers.

James Fay

James is a seasoned executive with 10+ years of experience in new business development, family office investing, and investment banking experience. James currently serves as lead investor & majority shareholder, Board member, and Executive Committee member of Exer Holding Co. In addition to his leadership duties, James is the Head of Strategy & Development for Exer.
He currently serves as Managing Director at Baytown Investments, the Holding Company and Family Office for Sir Michael Fay. James was an Analyst at Deutsche Bank Global Markets in Singapore and Hong Kong. James received his B.A. from Georgetown University in 2006 and was on the Board of Regents at Georgetown University.

Steven Dunn

Steven was born and raised in Los Angeles. Since the age of 10, he’s been extremely passionate about cars, the industry that produces them, and Southern California car culture. After years of working in the fitness world he has come to Motor Cars Los Angeles in order to pursue his dreams of working in the automotive industry.